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Contextual Intelligence: Smart Leadership in a Constantly Changing World is a
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Here is what Dr. Marshall Goldsmith -Thinkers50 Award Winner (by Harvard Business Review) for the Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the World and multiple New York Times Bestselling Author - says about Contextual Intelligence:

One part leadership “bible,” two parts executive workbook, Contextual Intelligence is a necessary tool in every manager’s arsenal. Kutz’s new book skillfully defines “contextual intelligence” and outlines ways in which to implement it at work and at home. [Dr. Kutz] is a brilliant student of leadership and management and knows what works effectively in these arenas. He teaches his readers straightforward principles and elevates them to a higher plain. Brilliant!


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You measure your current level of Contextual Intelligence and develop an action plan that can help you lead well is a constantly changing world!

Airtel Ltd.

Contextual Intelligence at Airtel Ltd. Airtel in the largest telecommunications company in India and third largest in the world! A truly global organization in over 20 different countries. Dr. Kutz presents to approximately 60 executives and managers at Airtel Rwanda's Annual Business Meeting.

The Power of Synchronicity

Carl jung describes synchronicity as the convergence of two or more unrelated events! In other words, even though certain experiences are not - on the surface - related they are often construed or remembered by the individual as having a significant relationship to other conscious or subconscious experiences. Synchronicity is the meaning we give to unrelated and non-sequential experiences; experiences that often shape and guide major life decisions and one’s worldview.

Leadership behaviors, such as the use of symbols, application of intuition, how experience is leveraged (hindsight), vision casting (foresight), and decision-making (insight) are often heavily influenced by synchronicity. Synchronicity as it relates to leadership allows us to have a significantly broader perspective of life and events that include the non-linear, chaotic, and complex variables that we all must navigate. This broader perspective can be a distinct advantage. Synchronicity can be leveraged by leaders to gain insight into what influences events, culture, values, attitudes, and the perceptions and beliefs of others. Applying synchronicity to the practice of leadership can ultimately have a positive impact on the trajectory of an organization or followers. AND... when we can do that, we can lead more effectively!!
Advanced Praise for Matt's New Book!

If you are ready to go beyond the conventional leadership mantras and gain practical and powerful insights that work in the real world of organizations, this is the book to read. In 3D Thinking, Dr. Kutz not only introduces the new model of Contextual Intelligence, but unpacks and delivers keen insights on what contextual intelligence behaviors look like. My own experiences in leading people, developing leaders and building organizations were confirmed but also challenged to go higher and deeper with improved hindsight, insight and foresight. If you are an emerging or experienced leader you will not want to miss this book – powerful and compelling!
         Bobby Hill, EdD.
         Director, Center for Christian Thought and Action
         Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

For some time now I have had an interest in the small c and big C of Context and was delighted to discover the work of Matt about 2 years ago. Matt is a present day leader in this field and his work makes sense and gives meaning to many of the situations we find ourselves in. Today’s global uncertainty further increases the relevance and significance of contextual intelligence. The 12 competencies identified by Matt are goal posts for us all to aspire to if we are truly to be leaders of influence. I would recommend Matt’s work as a core text for any leadership program.
         Dr. Anita Bamford-Wade, D.Nurs. RN
         Joint Head of Nursing
         Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ

Dr. Matt Kutz is an inspirational speaker and world renowned scholar for his expertise in contextual intelligence. He is engaging, energetic and authentic and uses his real world experiences in health care and higher education as platforms for illustrating the importance of contextual intelligence in leadership. Dr. Kutz's Contextual Intelligence Inventory™ provides tremendous adaptive insight to organizational leaders, in the midst of change, and serves as a platform for proactively leading the change process. It is hard to imagine anyone who would not benefit from learning more about contextual intelligence!
        Gretchen Carroll, Ed.D., J.D., MBA
        Director of MBA Program
        Tiffin University

My career has spanned several industries and Fortune 500 companies (real estate, telecommunications, public accounting, and education) and taught me this universal truth: most successful leaders and organizations grasp every competitive advantage. With Contextual Intelligence I believe that Dr. Matthew Kutz had discovered a universal advantage; one that every business needs. The ability to teach executives and managers to think like Fortune 500 CEOs and lead like military commanders can take any organization from good to great! Today's uncertain business climate has made forward-looking leadership more difficult and, at the same time, more important. Tomorrow's winners must learn from the past, assess the present and correctly predict the future; all at the same time. That is why the Contextual Intelligence Inventory™ and Dr. Kutz leadership insights are so exciting to me and the administration at the Kings Academy.
          Randall Martin, MBA, CPA
          Chief Financial Officer, The Kings Academy
          Trustee, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Contextual Intelligence

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"A pilot must of necessity pay attention to the seasons, the heavens, the stars, the winds and everything proper to the craft if he is really to master the ship.” - Plato

Today’s leadership landscape is dynamic and challenging. Earlier theories and assumptions on leadership appear to be inadequate and over simplistic in their ability to flex with the volatility and complexity of organizations which function in a knowledge economy at a local, national and global level. This monograph offers a working model of contextual intelligence for practitioners, which extends the non-Newtonian-based leadership paradigms by integrating the principles of tacit knowledge, synchronicity and time orientation: essential competencies for today’s leaders.

Do it Right!

One of my favorite phrases is "get it done!"  So, why the picture of Rodin's famous sculpture of a thinker... because doing it right REQUIRES a decision.  This decision MUST be made in advance of any action.  Decide NOW to do it right and make your life and the choices you face easier to move into. The motto "do it right" has served me well for a long time.  The sub-context behind that phrase is action requires advance preparation.  Other motto's advocate "just do it," but more than just doing it is doing it right!  Doing it right is a proactive decision, just doing it is a reactive decision.  Knowing what the right thing is and doing the right thing can be miles apart.  The leader who is interested in intentionally influencing the world around them will more often than not do the right thing instead of thinking about the right thing or talking about the right thing. Take some time to think about all the different hats you wear in a day or week.... parent, friend, employee, supervisor, director, lover, PTA member, board member, etc. and now decide right here, right now to do it right.  It may not be the easiest thing to do once a situation presents itself, but it will produce long term benefits for you and people around you and ultimately it will pay dividends when it comes to influencing others!

Redefining Success

I am often reminded of the famous words, management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things."  As you contemplate the subtle differences, and there are plenty of subtle differences... let me offer a thought on the "right things" leadership entails. 
         Jesus once asked this very poignant question,“can the blind lead the blind?” Assuming the automatic answer is "no" would be a mistake. Reading ahead He answers his own question by stating, “will not they both fall into a ditch?” The implication is that the blind man was leading someone... Ironically, they did both get hurt.  Lesson 1: having followers does not make one a leader. I do believe that all leaders have followers, but not all people with followers are leaders! Lesson 2: Blind leaders hurt people and hurt themselves.  As cliche as it sounds, vision is critical to leading successfully. I don't mean, strategic plan, motto-vision, but a sense of direction and destiny is needed. Lesson 3: Leaders keep people out of ditches.  What determines success is where the follower (or individual) is at the end of their journey.  The road may be difficult and hard, full of frustration and failure, but those things are not the measures of success we should look for.  Success is ultimately finishing what you set out to do; attempts to measure success prematurely (i.e., mid-journey) usually only ends up frustrating you and perhaps even contributes to dropping out of the race early. Don't drop out early... stay in the race... define success on the destination, not the journey's pitfalls.